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Book & Paper Conservation Services

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The book section can create original bindings as well as restoring or replacing deteriorated binding structures. They can suggest available options and costs as well as compromises and interim stabilisation possibilities and limitations. The condition and historical integrity of the book are of prime importance.
  • complete reproduction of historical binding styles from medieval wooden boards to elegantly tooled Victorian leather binding
  • design bindings to the client's specifications for new or previously bound material
  • limited edition binding
  • discreet repair of damaged binding, strengthening and reinforcing as required while interfering as little as possible with the existing structure
  • custom box making such as the clam shell or drop back box
  • design and construction of specialised protective housing for rare or fragile material
  • economical and utilitarian binding alternatives
  • general refurbishment of collections, i.e. dusting and minor repairs
  • collection condition surveys and site assessments

  Contact: jolandry@hfx.eastlink.ca

  • FEES
    I do not have a formal fee structure, as each project is assessed individually. No work is undertaken without prior agreement on an estimated price. A written estimate/condition assessment may be prepared for a nominal fee.

    The work required in the repair of books can be slow and painstaking and the materials expensive. However, there is usually more than one course of treatment and we will be happy to discuss the various options with you and help you to determine the direction best suited to your resources.

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