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Book & Paper Conservation Services

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Three shots of the same postal cover.

(a) As it was received for treatment.

(b) Unfolded to show extent of damage.

(c) After treatment with the missing areas filled in with liquified paper pulp.

Three shots showing part of the restoration of a full leather binding
 After the original boards have been reattached, the inner hinge is repaired with a strip of acid free paper.
 The pattern of the marbled paper is painted in by hand to disguise the repair strip.
 The finished, now invisible, repair
 A restored pendant seal and attached document. On the left, the rusted original metal skippet, on the right a custom made, padded box, the seal's new home.
 Using a very fine suction point, surface mould is gently removed from the surface of the paper.
 A custom endband picks up and complements the colours in the hand decorated speckled edge.
 A half leather restoration binding in black goatskin with hand marbled paper boards.

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